Top Six: Tips For Myrtle Beach Golf

We recently completed an inside the industry survey on tips that can help plan your and execute your Myrtle Beach golf trip.  Our staff quizzed local golf course industry workers on tips they thought would help visiting golfers.  Upon completion, we took the best six answers and included them to share with our viewers.

Head Pro:

“Please show up early for your tee time.  Groups that show up early always get the best treatment from the staff.  Also, this added flexibility helps in more ways than one.  If a large group is on the books, show up early and maybe we can sneak you out in front of them, it always helps.”

Course Superintendent:

“Best advice I can give, is please pay attention to the cart signs with regards to how far you can drive the carts up the fairway.  I know a lot of your courses back home allow you drive right up to the greens, but we kindly ask that you follow the markers set up by our staff.  And please, if it is wet and cart path only, please abide by that guideline so that others after you can also enjoy the course.”

Snack Bar:

“If you are nearing the turn for the round and are craving a cheeseburger, or any other item that requires a bit of cooking time, just give us a call and we can prepare your order in advance.  This way you can take it with you, and you won’t be limited to items that you might normally have to choose from on the turn.”

Bag Drop:

“Any group pairings sheet is gold in our line of work.  If you have this prepared ahead of time, please share it with us.  This will get everyone loaded quicker, and allow a bit more time to browse the pro shop, or hit a couple of extra shots on the range, or putting green.

Hotel or Condo Staff:

“If you can provide a roommate list for your group, this is a great help to all involved.  If group members arrive at different times, or even different days, having a rooming list eliminates any confusion on both sides.  Figuring out who snores, and who doesn’t want to room with Bob…..that is the tough part.”

Golf Package Director:

“Organization is definitely the key if you are bringing a group of more than 4 golfers.  Establishing deadline dates with your group members makes the whole process much easier.  Let everyone know when to commit for the trip, as well as when payments need to be done.  This means less headache for you the group planner, and will help us get you finalized.”

“The more information you can share with us when we are coming up with quotes, the better tailored your package will end up.  If you like wide open fairways, let us know and we can include courses that fit that criteria.  If you like packages that include free lunch, we can match those for you.  Additionally, the more you can share on preferences, the quicker we can put together options for you.  These options will include the specifications you are looking for.”

“Lastly, the role of group leader or planner for a golf trip is the most underappreciated role you can have.  You probably never receive half of the thanks from the group for all the work that goes into making the trip a reality.  There may be bumps in the road, or minor issues to tackle as the trip buildup unfolds.  Don’t let this get you down.  Try to enjoy the process, and realize that at the end of the trip.  Those smiles are your friends’ faces are a result of a great trip planner.”