Planning a golf trip to Myrtle Beach?

Are you thinking about planning a golf trip to Myrtle Beach?  If your answer is yes, then you are about to discover the best golf packaging company in this unique golf destination.  Are you an experienced veteran of multiple trips with buddies or family members to the Grand Strand?  If so, you too are going to pick up valuable knowledge or perhaps a new tip or two on booking your next trip.

The Myrtle Beach golf scene is very fortunate to have the largest and most qualified golf packaging service available to its customer base.  What other major golf destination has so many unique package options, and who better to share that expertise than the Glens Golf Vacations’ golf directors. Let’s be honest, this colorful cast of characters includes some long-term residents of the area who have seen it all over the years.  And yes, there are some packagers who are really good golfers and have played every course in the area multiple times (quite a feat when you consider there are over 75 courses in town).  You will also find golf travel planners with whom you could easily spend an hour with on the phone, just talking about golf, sports or family.  The best part about the variety of golf packager options, is that there is a perfect match out there for everyone (just like my Momma said). Finding that ideal fit with a great package partner will take your golf trip to another level.  Working continuously with the same trip planner will allow for greater comparability of previous trips.  If you find a great course that everyone in your party thoroughly enjoyed, then your package provider can then find some similar features at another exciting new set of venues.  Conversely, if you would prefer a new clean slate and experience for each trip, then there are many great teams out there for you.

Many paths can lead you to the unique stretch of golf paradise that is Myrtle Beach.  Regardless of the path that you have arrived from, check out our website and step into a wealth of information brought to you by a team that has represented Myrtle Beach golf for the last 39 years.  We have focused on providing you information on the very best this area has to offer, with information on planning the best possible Myrtle Beach golf excursion.  If you hit every page and have not yet found some new or interesting fact, refresh your browser and try again, it’s here somewhere.